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Credit Card Lending

The credit card is one of the most universally accepted and convenient payment methods, used by millions of consumers and merchants worldwide as a routine means of payment for a variety of products and services. The Credit Card Lending Handbook discusses the operations of banks that issue credit cards, risks associated with credit card lending, sound risk management practices, and regulatory requirements.



Date ID Title
02/16/2000 OCC 2000-3 Consumer Credit Reporting Practices: FFIEC Advisory Letter
06/20/2000 OCC 2000-20 Uniform Retail Credit Classification and Account Management Policy: Policy Implementation
01/08/2003 OCC 2003-1 Credit Card Lending: Account Management and Loss Allowance Guidance
08/14/2006 OCC 2006-34 Gift Card Disclosures: Guidance on Disclosure and Marketing Issues
06/06/2023 OCC 2023-17 Third-Party Relationships: Interagency Guidance on Risk Management
01/24/2017 OCC 2017-7 Third-Party Relationships: Supplemental Examination Procedures

Consumer Advisories

Date ID Title
06/01/2011 CA 2011-2 Avoiding ′Card Skimming′ at ATMs and Other Money Machines
10/03/2011 CA 2011-3 Gift Cards: OCC Provides Tips for Consumers