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Interpretations & Precedents

Here you will find information about and access to legal opinions, advisory and interpretive letters addressing various legal and banking issues; bulletins, letters imposing enforceable conditions; policies and procedures on corporate applications and CRA evaluations and related issues; and final enforcement decisions (interpretations and actions).

Legal Opinions Regarding Federal Savings Associations

Access legal opinions issued prior to July 21, 2011, regarding thrift savings associations, through this legacy Thrift Legal Opinions page.

Advisory Letters

Prior to 2005 the OCC issued Advisory Letters to advise bankers and bank directors about activities and situations that could contribute to or detract from the safe and sound management of national banks. After 2005, Advisory Letters were no longer issued by the OCC, but similar content continues to be issued as Bulletins. Advisory Letters remain in effect unless rescinded.


The OCC issues bulletins to provide information of continuing concern on OCC or OCC-supported policies and guidelines, and to inform readers of pending regulatory changes and other general information. Bulletins remain in effect unless rescinded.

Comptroller's Licensing Manual

The manual provides guidance and forms for chartering and operating national banks.

Interpretations and Actions (updated monthly)

Provides legal staff interpretation letters (trust, securities, and bank accounting); letters imposing enforceable conditions; decisions on corporate applications and CRA-related issues; CRA evaluations; and final enforcement actions.

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