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Office of Enterprise Governance and the Ombudsman

Larry Hattix Biography Image
Larry L. Hattix
Senior Deputy Comptroller for Enterprise Governance and Ombudsman, and Chief Risk Officer

The Office of Enterprise Governance and Ombudsman ensures the OCC maintains strong governance, complaint, and appeal processes.

The office serves as an independent arbiter for the OCC's regulated banks and their customers by operating apart from the OCC bank supervision function and by reporting directly to the Comptroller of the Currency. This separation enables the Ombudsman to respond independently and fairly to the questions and complaints that consumers have about their banks, and to provide bankers with a way to challenge agency decisions without fear of retribution or reprisal. The Office of Enterprise Governance and the Ombudsman provides customer service and resolves consumer and bank supervisory disputes through two distinct units: the Customer Assistance Group and the Bank Appeals Program.



The OCC is responsible for handling consumer complaints for national banks and federal savings associations with less than $10 billion in assets and for compliance with certain consumer protection laws. The Customer Assistance Group, focused on the principles of dispute resolution and customer service, seeks to ensure that national banks, federal agencies and branches, federal savings associations, and their customers receive fair and expeditious resolution of their complaints. Complaints are approached with the core values of integrity, expertise, collaboration, and independence. For additional information, see HelpWithMyBank.

The Enterprise Governance Operations and OIG/GAO Liaison unit works to provide an independent, objective assurance, and consulting function designed to add value and improve the OCC's operational programs and processes. Its vision is to serve as an independent and objective review body to promote improved effectiveness and efficiency of the OCC operational programs' processes.

The Enterprise Governance Supervision and Appeals unit provides timely and high-quality governance and appeals functions designed to offer recommendations that validate and strengthen existing supervisory processes.