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Installment Lending

A bank’s installment lending portfolio is usually comprised of secured or unsecured small loans, each scheduled to be repaid in equal installments at fixed intervals over a specific period (closed-end loans).

Installment loans are made directly to customers for activities such as buying automobiles, boats, or recreational vehicles. Other installment loans are made indirectly, that is, customers purchase these types of items by accepting loans from thirdparty brokers or dealers. Although automobile leases are not the same as loans, the installment lending industry typically manages leases in the same manner as loans.



Date ID Title
06/20/2000 OCC 2000-20 Uniform Retail Credit Classification and Account Management Policy: Policy Implementation
06/06/2023 OCC 2023-17 Third-Party Relationships: Interagency Guidance on Risk Management
01/29/2015 OCC 2015-7 Student Loans: Interagency Guidance on Private Student Loans With Graduated Repayment Terms at Origination
01/24/2017 OCC 2017-7 Third-Party Relationships: Supplemental Examination Procedures

Advisory Letters

Date ID Title
11/27/2000 AL-2000-11 Title Loan Programs